Dental Cleaning

  • Importance of annual dental cleaning for your pet

    It's estimated that 85% of pets have developed periodontal disease or gingivitis by age 3, making regular d...

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  • What to expect during your pet's dental cleaning

    Most likely, your pet will be anesthetized for dental procedures, including cleaning. This allows the veter...

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  • Causes of dental problems

    Early detection and treatment of pet dental problems are crucial to prevent severe problems and pain for yo...

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  • How to care for your senior dog's teeth

    Care for your dog's teeth regularly, by having them professionally cleaned at least annually, with ongoing ...

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  • At home dental care

    Keeping your pet's pearly whites and mouth healthy comes with many benefits. Most notably, periodontal dise...

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Wellness Checkup

  • The importance of regular wellness exams

    Veterinarians recommend regular wellness exams for the same reason pet parent health care providers recomme...

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  • Is an annual wellness exam necessary?

    While it’s important to take your pet to your veterinarian when he’s sick, you also need to have him period...

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  • What happens during the wellness exam?

    Your pet's wellness exam usually consists of several components: Pre-examination When you schedule your pet...

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Activity Monitoring