Alternative therapies for my pet


Are you considering options other than traditional veterinary care for your pet?  There are many to consider, and in many cases can be very effective in helping your pet to recovery from an illness or injury.


If your pet suffers from arthritis or other chronic painful conditions, you may want to consider acupuncture to help both relieve the pain and speed recovery. Speak with your veterinarian to see if this is a good alternative treatment method for your pet. Often times, it is prescribed in tandem with more conventional therapies.


Hydrotherapy can be an extremely beneficial alternative to other high impact exercises to help your dog recover from an injury, arthritis or cruciate ligament trauma. During this type of therapy, your dog will be in a dog harness and will be assisted in and out of the pool by a trained professional. The water is often heated to help alleviate muscular discomfort and pain. Some of these treatments even include underwater resistance jet to create a current for your dog to swim against. Another type of hydrotherapy is an underwater treadmill.  Both therapies are gentle on the joints but require the muscles to work hard. Hydrotherapy is a good alternative and fun treatment for overweight dogs too!


For many of the same reasons we pet parents go for massages, our pets can benefit from them too. Massage can be especially helpful for dogs and cats who suffer from nervous conditions, anxiety, and hyperactivity.


This is a natural approach that stimulates your pet's body's ability to heal itself or to fight against disease. It can be a good alternative to medications in cases of digestive disorders, anxiety, and other conditions. Speak with your veterinarian to discuss homeopathic options to help your pet.

CBD Products

CBD oil is an extract of marijuana, without the psychoactive components that cause the high. It's used to treat a number of pet conditions, including arthritis, anxiety, seizures, appetite loss, aggression, allergies, and inflammation, to name just a few. Before buying, be sure to research thoroughly and buy from a reputable seller.


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