Vaccinating your dog


Our pets, like their pet parents, need vaccinations and may sometimes require boosters to keep them effective. Speak with your trusted veterinarian about which vaccinations should be given to your pet and when. Most vets will recommend core vaccines that every pet should have; and non-core vaccines that may be advisable, based on your pet's lifestyle and risk factors.

Core vaccines include Rabies with boosters on a regular schedule; Distemper with boosters on a prescribed schedule; Parvovirus with boosters on a prescribed schedule and Adenovirus, type 1, also known as canine hepatitis.

Non-core vaccines that may be recommended include Adenovirus, type 2, also known as kennel cough with boosters; Parainfluenza; Bordetella; Lyme Disease and Leptospirosis.  Your pet's veterinarian will recommend vaccinations your pet may need based on their current health, geographic factors, and other risk factors.


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