What happens during the wellness exam?


Your pet's wellness exam usually consists of several components:


When you schedule your pet's wellness examination, your vet might have special instructions, such as bringing in a urine or stool sample for analysis. They may also ask about your pet's general health, eating habits, activity level, and other risk factors to help prepare for the physical exam.

Physical examination

Your vet will look at your pet's general appearance, including skin and coat check, a visual exam of teeth and mouth, and will likely listen to your pet's heart and lungs. They will also want to see your pet's gait to make sure there are no bone or joint concerns. Finally, your pet's eyes, ears, and mouth will get a thorough examination.

Tests and vaccinations

Your veterinarian may recommend some additional routine wellness screening tests based on the physical examination results and may also administer vaccinations or boosters depending on your pet needs.


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