Food toppers and what they do


Food toppers are an easy way to boost your pet's current health and nutritional intake and there are many options available. We serve our dogs home-cooked meals daily, and to ensure they get a complete, balanced diet, we began using a freeze-dried raw food topper recently. Not only did it solve the issue of one of our dogs being a picky eater (she now licks the bowl clean and quickly too!), we've noticed both our dogs' coats are healthier-looking, are softer and shinier and they shed less.

I'm sure as a pet parent that you've learned the higher the nutritional value of pet food, the more it costs. It's not always an economic decision we can make to feed them the most nutritional food option available. However, by using a sprinkling of a topper to their existing food, you can boost the nutrition your pet receives with each feeding.

Several factors should be considered when researching food topper options. The age of your pet (young pets need higher amounts of both protein and calories, for example), the weight of your pet (if overweight, there are lower-calorie options available) and finally, activity level. If your pet is a larger, more active breed, their nutritional and caloric needs will be different than a smaller, more inactive pet.


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