Ben with Stryder and Sammy

I'm Ben and I'm looking forward to forging a meaningful relationship with you and the beloved pets in your life. I'm currently a full-time traveler (not to be confused with a full time-traveler... the hyphen makes a big difference!). My wife and I enjoy working remotely in new and interesting places while visiting our four grown children in a variety of locations throughout the United States. We're not currently set up to travel with pets although my wife tries to change my mind on this every day (and eventually I think she's going to win). I have enjoyed being around dogs all my life. 
I grew up with Katie, a small terrier mix and then graduated to Carmel, my beloved yellow lab. While our kids were young, my wife and I adopted Abby as a puppy, a black lab mix who gave us years of loyal companionship while living in Kansas. Abby ended up going to live with my mother-in-law after her little Lucky passed away and served her for many more years of care while our kids pulled us in many different directions for sports and school activities. Abby was afraid of her own shadow but sure knew how to fake it! I remember one night my mother-in-law telling us she had just gone to bed and woke up to someone trying to force open her front door. Abby let out noises and growls she had never heard before to protect her and scared the intruder off. Thank goodness she deterred them from seeing what was on the other side!
My parents were always dog lovers as well and I'll share with you one of my favorite pictures I have of Stryder and Sammy who I visited often at the lake. They were excellent swimmers and went literally everywhere with them. From Moe to Beemdog to Thor to Poppy to Shadow to Lucy and Baxter and more, pretty much everyone I know has a dog and we're eager to make a home for a couple of them as well once my wife and I slow down a bit!


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