My pet seems bored. What are some fun thing I can do?


Just like their pet parents, our loyal pets can get bored too! Keeping them both physically and mentally stimulated can be fun for both them and you! Activities ranging from a walk through the neighborhood, to an agility course and everything in between are some great ideas to keep your pet from being bored.  

  • Take your dog to doggy daycare for socialization with other dogs
  • Spend time training your pet. By nature, they want to please you and learning obedience skills will benefit everyone
  • Hide treats throughout the house or play hide and seek!  That's one of my dogs' favorite pastimes!
  • Change up your walking routine - scout a new neighborhood. Everyone may make a new friend or two along the way
  • Use interactive toys and treat puzzles
  • Assign your dog a household chore!  This one will take patience and training for you both, but wouldn't it be great if your dog could put their toys away every day?
  • Some breeds of dogs have natural instincts and abilities and encouraging those will keep them physically and mentally challenged. A great example is a lure course 
  • Build a digging box for your dog (and cat!) A dedicated pet sandbox was one of Little Orange Kitty's favorite things and she refrained from using it as a litter box, much to my surprise!
  • Consider a pet pool, or possibly take your pet on a trip to a nearby lake. Be sure to check the water quality and safety before allowing your pet into any lake to avoid toxic algae and other hazards
  • Treat your pet to a spa day - massages, a bath, and a nail trim!





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