Pet insurance success stories


When we adopted our greyhounds, we realized that because of their background and history that they would be prone to medical issues in their retirement. We knew the importance of getting pet insurance on day one and that's just what we've done.

We chose accident and illness coverage for both our dogs and our first greyhound, Silver, had nothing but annual wellness exams, vaccinations, and boosters, along with annual dental cleanings for her first four years. In our fifth year with her, she began displaying joint trauma and now requires veterinary care at least every two months, along with medications and alternative therapy. In her case, it's weekly hydrotherapy and acupuncture to help restore mobility and ease the stiffness in her rear legs. The insurance coverage we have has been great and has saved us a lot of out of pocket expenses for her care.

Our second greyhound, Simone, came from a racetrack in the southeast US where ticks are abundant. While she was presented to us with a clean bill of health, it wasn't long before we began noticing lethargy, lack of appetite and very pale gums and tongue. We immediately took her to the vet for tests and evaluation and within a few days received word that she was suffering from tick-borne disease. The treatments she required were many and very expensive. All in, the total was in excess of $10,000 and again, our insurance coverage saved the day. We spent less than $300 out of pocket to get Simone back to a healthy, disease-free pet.  Now, that's what I call peace of mind.



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