My pet is over weight


Helping your pet to reach and maintain a healthy weight requires a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, reducing their caloric intake and increasing their activity level. As with pet parents, it's usually slower to lose weight than it is to gain it, so exercise patience. 

After consulting with your vet and getting their recommendations for the best weight loss regimen for your pet, stay vigilant. Eliminate high calorie, fattening foods and table scraps and focus on healthier food and treats in the proper amounts. With your veterinarian, set realistic goals and make weight loss enjoyable for your pet by finding activities that you can share with your pet to keep them more active. Many communities have gyms and activity courses, off-leash parks where your dog can run and play, and playgroups where your dog can socialize and be active with other pets. Before long, you'll see the results of both you and your pet's hard work!


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