Importance of annual dental cleaning for your pet


It's estimated that 85% of pets have developed periodontal disease or gingivitis by age 3, making regular dental cleaning all that much more important to ensure a happy, healthy pet.

Veterinarians recommend pet parents take their pets in for annual teeth cleaning, and routine daily dental care at home. Some pet insurance policies include coverage for dental cleanings, so be sure to check your policy before arriving for the appointment.

Your pet will be anesthetized during this procedure, allowing the vet technicians to quickly and easily remove the plaque and tartar buildup on your pet's teeth and below the gum line. Without anesthesia, dental cleaning can be very uncomfortable, stressful, and even painful for your pet. Anesthesia isn't entirely risk-free, though complications are extremely rare.  Your pet should be evaluated for their current health status and physical condition before the procedure.  Be sure to speak with your veterinarian about the benefits and risk factors before making this decision.


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