Probiotics and prebiotics for my pet


Did you know that the majority of your pet's immune system lives in their gut? It is their largest immune organ and contains about 70% of all immune cells.  Keeping their digestive system running at optimal levels is essential to making sure your pet stays healthy, active and happy.

One way to improve your pet's digestive health is with a daily probiotic supplement. Giving your pet this healthy bacteria may positively affect chronic gastrointestinal abnormalities, obesity, liver disease and mood, and behavior disorders. It may also help improve the appearance of their skin and coat, improve their breath and help regulate bowel function. 

Speak with your veterinarian or trusted pet care provider before giving your pet probiotics. If it is recommended that your pet receive probiotics long-term for a chronic disorder, prebiotics may also be prescribed. Prebiotics are non-digestible ingredients that support the growth of probiotic microorganisms that either resides naturally in the gut or are added by way of supplements.


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