Jenny with Silver and Simone (and in remembrance of LOK)


I'm Jenny and am here to make sure we deliver an exceptional customer experience to you!

I live in the Seattle WA area, a greyhound mecca!  We're not sure why, but thousands of retired racing greyhounds make there way here and find their forever homes.  It took me 10 years to convince my husband to adopt our first greyhound, Silver (the fawn princess), and it was only 10 months after that when we welcomed Simone (our "tuxedo greyt" rambunctious baby!) into our home and hearts.  They were each over the moon excited to have someone in the family that looked like them!  They're certainly pampered pets who've thoroughly embraced retirement.  Most days you'll find them curled up in my office working alongside me.  They both love music and Nina Simone, Sia, and Eminem are their favourite artists!  I know, weird combination, right?  They take after their pet mom ;)

The tabby is my sweet and loyal Little Orange Kitty and though she has left her earthly home, she will forever live in my heart. I don't think she ever forgave me for giving her such an obnoxious name, though she certainly came running every time she heard the word "little", anticipating a treat, snuggle, or toy. Her favourite pastime for over 5 years was keeping the two greyhounds in line and boy, was that a full-time job!

We've been accused of pampering our pets too much - from home-cooked meals and handcrafted treats to regular spa days, to water therapy and massage, not to mention daily walks around the neighborhood.  These things we do for them pale in comparison to what they bring to our lives on a daily basis and truth be told, I wouldn't change one thing. 


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